Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bleak Beyond: The Blog


This then is the planned “collected wisdom of the Bleak Beyond” blog where players can discover information about the dungeon including Maps, Dweller Details or even Delver Tips based on the exploits of former adventurers and the sessions they have played in.

The blog will be updated with Accomplishments detailing the pillaging of famous Treasure Troves, the slaying of infamous Monsters and the like. A list of The Fallen will be maintained in order for potential delvers to plan daring rescue attempts.

Legends & Myths of the Bleak Beyond will provide fortune seekers with targets and goals for their plunges into the depths.

Early Growth

Due to the sheer scope of the Bleak Beyond, it will be growing and evolving as play develops. Because of this, certain entrances and exits will either be non-existent, sealed or otherwise inaccessible initially. This Ref needs more time to write! It is thereby suggested that areas previously explored, particularly those with barred doors or gates, be checked again in later sessions.

Much of the game play will rely on home brewed d00 tables. These tables often operate behind the scenes, fueling the flow of the session at times and hopefully adding a sense of the random, chaotic nature of the illogical underworld within which the delvers now find themselves. These tables will be added to the download section as I complete them. I have not had time to flesh out each and every one of them yet. Furthermore I feel they will, like the dungeon itself, be amended and improved with more game time.

Player Information

This is an original rules campaign with some slight modifications, including the use of my Experience by Plundering option. Pretty much all of the rules you need to know to participate in the campaign are collected in the document entitled Game Reference, in the download section.

Plenty of documents from my other blog are also linked with various rules which will be used from time to time. Some of these might be fine tuned as the campaign progresses.

Characters and Sidekicks will be generated during live sessions with players rolling the dice and then taking advantage of the Prime Swap option.


Future blog posts/updates will focus on a sundry list of possibilities, including:

Session Reports: Eventually to be written by the players.
Map Scans: Scanned map of areas searched, updated after each session.
Handout Scans: As needed.
Dweller Details: After encounters, characters may learn more about certain Dwellers.
Collected Rumors: A list which the players can work from.
Myths & Legends: An evolving collection of Accomplishments, Discoveries and Treasure Troves to be found.
Accomplishments Attained: Details on characters reaching Accomplishments.
Treasure Troves Looted: Details on troves plundered by characters.
Discoveries Made: Details on a supplemental game feature that was unlocked.
The Fallen: A who/what/where list of the dead or missing.
Delver Tips: Tips for future players. Culled from your comments, and entered into a growing document meant to serve as a resource for future Delvers.

These Updates will be labeled for easy reference later in the campaign. I plan to use the following labels, which will eventually be found collected in the right sidebar:

Report, Maps, Handouts, Dwellers, Rumors, Myths & Legends, Accomplishments, Troves, Discoveries, Bosses, Fallen, Delver Tips.


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