Saturday, December 3, 2011

Game Reference

The Game Reference document will be referred to quite a bit as we play the campaign. For the most part it contains all of the nuts and bolts detailing how characters progress in experience and how to handle Combat and Saves. It does not cover magical nor clerical spells. The spell-casting classes will have to refer to the forthcoming "Spells" document. It will likely be nothing more than a collection of spell titles...most of which you will all be familiar with.

What the Game Reference also does not detail are the various behind the scenes rules and guides for me, your Ref. Such things as Monsters, Treasure and guides for the ongoing Campaign. As far as I am concerned, such material is supplemental and thus not necessarily part of something as essential as the Game Reference.

All of you will quickly grasp the rules outlined in the Game Reference, and usage of such terms as Combat, Armor, Dice, Hits and Damage will easily translate during our game sessions.

Keep in mind that I am open to suggestions that the group feels would make the campaign more intriguing. If everyone agrees that certain aspects of our gaming past should be included in the Bleak Beyond, I will certainly consider and mesh the old with the new. Likewise, if the group decides that a particular feature of the Bleak Beyond needs alteration, or even deletion, I will contemplate change or removal.

Remember, this campaign is every bit as much yours as it is mine. The very shape of this world will be determined by the actions of the players and their characters.

~Sham, Weasel Trainer Extraordinaire